Why is there regret if it was for the best?

I very recently left my girlfriend. There wasn't much in the way of attachment between us, and she agreed. It was fairly mutual. But now that the dust has settled, I take a glance at the crossroads in my rearview, and I begin to wonder if I've done the right thing. It doesn't like hurt, but I'm seriously considering texting her to see if she feels the same way, but it would be pointless if the attachment dies again in a week or month.

I guess I'm really just wondering why I feel this pit of regret and longing. I've been single before from worse reasons. Why is this different? Why do I feel like maybe we could have fixed it when neither of us made an effort as we started feeling the slip? Why am I regretting making a choice that benefits us both?
Why is there regret if it was for the best?
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