Me and my girl broke up. Help?

Alright so here is the deal. Had a 9 year long relationship fail over a year ago. Met THIS girl in June, we started dating in October, now it's quits.

Reason being (her opinnion) :
- i am not well mannered (no idea where that came from, she is the first person to say that)
-i am ungrateful (not the first time I hear that one but I know I do have my dificulties showing gratefulnessy even though I am aware of the things people do/did for me - but I always return favours etc.)
- i put my job (my company with 6 employees) before her because she gave me an ultimatum: "move with me or stay at your job" - I said I can't move because 5 other people depend on me. After that I know it went REALLY downhill.

Also, each time we argued a bit harder, she always suggested we should split. Never wanted to really discuss with me, it was always suggested and always by her. Now she did it for the third time and I said: "OK, let's split then." Being too proud, she dis not back down and that's it.

She would argue over the smaaaallleeest thiiings. I did not even know you can argue about those.

-wet shower head AFTER showering (I did not wipe it)
-speaking in my dialect when at her place (not that people wouldn't understand nd if they didn't, I translated and had a laugh about it with her family)

Before today, I fought for us, did everything in my power, even sucked it up even though I knew I was right, but I see it got me nowhere. I accepted her and liked her with all her flaws and as she is, and I have the feeling she wanted to change me from the ground up.

Seems like she only sees the negative things on and in me, even the very small ones. Having 5 kg extra weight, having a dialect, having other stuff to do than her (working lol).

Did I make a mistake? Am perhaps I in the wrong? Kinda confused at this point. Not really sad or broken like I was at the end of my last relationship. Just want to see it from a neutral perspective from other people.
Me and my girl broke up. Help?
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