How do I go about possibly breaking up with boyfriend of 4 years?

We've been dating since high school and are now juniors in college with a lot more on our plates. We both live at home to save money and probably won't be able to move out till after we graduate, are full time students, and have jobs, leaving not much time for each other or friends.

He works a little more than I do, during the day, and has night classes. I prioritize school over work because I'm in the nursing program and have to keep my grades up, but I still work everyday that I don't have class.

Lately things have been extremely hard on us and me because I have been feeling more and more neglected. Almost our entire relationship, because he works more, I have revolved us hanging out around when it is convenient for him. 9/10 times that I have asked to see him, it's no. So, I have always been used to doing things on his schedule, which is often with no notice, but I say yes because I want to see him and I know that if I don't I'm not sure when it will be next because it's mainly upon his discretion.

I know he loves me and cares about me so much, but I've been growing resentful because of this and lots of fights have been caused because I don't think it's fair that my life and my duties aren't taken into consideration. I've told him how I feel like us seeing each other is revolved around his life and his response is for me to say no when he asks if I'm busy, but I don't do that because it may be another week or so until he's free. Hence the buildup of resentment because I drop what I'm doing or push it aside just to see him.

After three weeks of seeing him only 2 times and for a couple hours, not even alone, I told him I don't think I can do this anymore. He says that he's trying all he can to see me, but I don't believe that because I'm just as busy yet I still tried to make time for him just for one night and he couldn't even give me that.

I don't know what to do because I don't want to lose this but I feel so neglected. His words don't match his actions.
How do I go about possibly breaking up with boyfriend of 4 years?
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