What would you do if Their never told you his name?

Ok, so I'll try to keep this short because, it's a long story and I need some advice and I'm having a hard time sorting out my thoughts.
So about a year ago I started talking to someone, we hit it off and I started to catch feelings for him half way through our to together.
However after planing us to meet each other, trying to get us on a plan to build a stronger relationship, telling me he wanted me heart body mind and soul, he told me he doesn't have those feelings for me.
I however thought this was contradictory to his actions twords me and tried to leave it at that... but that didn't happen.
We ended up back in our same routine of talking forever and cuddling up to each other and such.
Now I should mention he has seen me on cam, but I've never seen him, heard his voice, or even know his name.
He on the other hand knows my name, the names of my family members, where I live, and I never told him any of these things he just "guessed".
Now because I'm also a weird person I've fallen in love with him, but as of December 29'th 2019
he said he no longer wants to have any contact with me.
I wanted to continue sending him messages but it makes me feel stupid and I start crying again because I know he won't reply, nore do I know if he is even receiving them. With consideration of all the information above what would your advice be, or what would you do?
What would you do if Their never told you his name?
What would you do if Their never told you his name?
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