Should I Fight for my Ex Boyfriend?

I broke up with my boyfriend two months ago, November and had no contact. The reason of our break up is because of the third party he had in a long distance relationship. We used to live together before but he needs to Go to another City to earn money.

This January, we met again with my ex boyfriend but he is moving out and will transfer to another City. He put his things into Shipping delivery and said he will send it to a friend. He said he has no choice. He has no money for US to live both and he needs to be practical and survive.
He said he has still feelings for me but he is a loser. I saw this Girl “another party” still chats with him and helping him out to find a warehouse to leave his things. I got mad and shouted at him. He said they are just friends and this Girl is just helping him a lot. I didn't contact him for a week until he messaged me again saying he wants to meet me, he misses me and wants to spend time together. After a week, I give in we met again 2 days before he will leave. To be honest, I still Love him so much and don’t want to lose him and so we had sex twice and many time in one night. We hugged each other and care for each other.

However, the day after i saw this Girl chatting him again saying sorry i just woke up. I got mad and we quarrel again. He said he is already annoyed of me always complaining. I was surprised when he said, so what? I am single and i can have fun.

Why is he acting that way? Should i fight for my ex boyfriend who i loved so much?
Should I Fight for my Ex Boyfriend?
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