My ex hit and choked me, what do I do?

We broke up back in November. However, I’m pregnant. It’s his. He goes baby shopping and to doctor appts with me.

This particular day, we had gone to the store and he paid for the crib. He bought wine also. And was drinking it while he was putting the crib up. Which upset me. Because he got a huge bottle and almost all of it was done, how do I know he’s putting up the crib correctly, right?

He was pretty tipsy/drunk at the end of it all. And started telling me a bunch of mean things. Like that he never found me attractive, and just used me, and started saying and naming other girls he thought were better than me. Hormones with my pregnancy and all, I pushed him away. He was standing pretty close to me. I have never put my hands on anyone but I didn’t want him near me. I didn’t push him hard, just enough for him to back up.

He got upset and wrapped his hand around my jawline and upper neck. He did it forcefully and the back of my head hit the wall, twice. He didn’t let go right away so I scratched his hand. And he slapped me really hard, I ended up with a mark on my cheek.

I’ve never had this happen to me before. He said he didn’t mean to do it that hard. But he shouldn’t have done it at all. Then he claimed self defense. I couldn’t make him leave since he had been drinking. So I made him sleep on the floor. But any advice?
My ex hit and choked me, what do I do?
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