How to Control my Emotions?

Am Really Really emotional this time i don't know why am getting so emotional from inside... a guy says loves me but i don't feel his love.. because he doesn't give me any personal space and saying me to call each day.. i understand his feelings but sometimes am not in a mood to talk to anyone and he's like talk to me please please and that irritate me badly he doesn't understand that i need some space.. and if Dont call he start blaming me that am a heart breaker and that kill me and that'swhy i didn't broke up with him but again and again he repeat this things that's why i finally broke up but after that he sending me a lot of messages in which he's blaming me badly that i break his heart and life, but what should i do if i don't feel any love and feelings and some protection, honestly i feel that he wants to trap me that's why i broke with him and i change my number but accidentally today i open my previous instagram id and i read his messages... which kills me deeply that i break his heart etc. etc.. he wrote so much hurting things that kills me inside.. what should i do... i don't want him back obviously but how should i control my emotions and my heart.. am getting so so emotional and my Heart is panicking from inside don't know why when i see his words.. and am thinking that i do bad with himm. but at the same time i know he wants only me at any cost not my love and my happiness... but why am getting so trapped in my heart!!!
How to Control my Emotions?
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