Did I do the right thing dumping him over text?

So basically I was dating a guy officially for 2 months. Things started going downhill a week ago; he started being flaky and ignoring my texts/calls, was rude, wasn't reaching out and I had no idea what was going on. I called him few days ago to ask what's going on and he said it's better that we talk in person because he hates texting/calling (which is not true, our texting/calling was frequent up until a week ago). Well I said okay and we agreed to see each other today to talk, but when I called him today to confirm the time he didn't pick up. Then I see him online and text him "Hey what's up? I'm free at around 5 pm today, see you then at *place where we agreed to meet*?" which he saw but didn't reply. Then at 6 pm he just texted "I was gaming until now". Nothing else, no follow up. He was obviously avoiding to talk to me and at that point I was sure that I want to break up. But since he left me no choice, I had to do it over text (few hours after his "reply"). I was nice with it, didn't blame him or anything, just a semi-short message that I'm not happy with this kind of treatment and that I have to end it like this since he's ignoring me. I did it because I'm done chasing him. Well ignored that text too, left me on seen.

I really wanted to talk to him in person, I wanted to see if we can fix this, I've tried my best to setup a meetup.
Did I do the right thing dumping him over text?
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