When will the nightmares stop?

A year ago I was living with my boyfriend.
I was with him for 2 years but been best friends since we were kids and we moved an hour drive away from all our friends and family. Then he came out gay and got a boyfriend and broke up with me all on the same day.

I was devastated and had all my belongings moved into a separate room and being told to accept it or else I'm homophobic.
He hit me and told me everyone thinks that I'm overreacting and I only think about myself. I became a live in servant but I never cleaned to his standards, any meals I cooked for him he just threw it in bin... I did all this to just get some kind of appreciation that I just never got and I dealt with this living situation for 3 months.

I had constant panic attacks, I couldn't sleep or eat and I just couldn't concentrate at work and my best friend was no longer someone I could turn to. All he told me was it was my problem not his. That what I feel is irrelevant.

I realised enough is enough and packed all my stuff and took 'our' cats with me (he didn't even want cats and I paid for them, feed them and looked after them) and moved back in with my parents and got a new job. He rang police on me for theft of the cats and sent a letter to my parents house with a court letter. He had insurance on them.. My parents returned them.

It's been 7 months since I've last seen him, no one ever tells you how hard it is to leave a toxic situation from someone you love... When I feel depressed or something that has gone off to upset me, I can no longer pick up the phone and text/call him and read/hear words of comfort from him and just feel well and truly alone.

Then a month ago I started getting nightmares living back with him in that house and it would feel so real like it's happening all over again. So I'd wake up feeling exactly like I did in that house and it's hard to move on when I'm constantly reminded of it. At what point will my past stop making my present life a mental struggle?
When will the nightmares stop?
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