Should I end this long distance relationship?

So hear's the deal,
I'm 21, and I've been in an out of nothing but short lived relationships an hook ups up until about a bit over 2 years ago when me and a really good friend going to College in another state started to fall for eachother. And despite me thinking it was an impossible thing todo with a person this day and age especially with someone halfway across the U. S., I fell hard.

Over those years we had a few fallouts. In a large part from the distance and also ordinary coupple hangups but we kept coming back out of love for eachother.

And now that the wait of finishing up schooling and being in the right place financially is up we're getting ready to start to try and move together going into next year.

The only thing is I have come to realize how fragile the romantic part of our relationship is to me when other people confront me about my relationship status and I get choked up falling into saying "its complicated" and I don't know if moving in together is necessarily gonna change that.

I think the only complicated thing about it is that I can't tell if my love for her his one for a friend or for someone I wanna start to really share a life with.

Aparently I just look like a single guy with no buisness being single to the people around me since friends and family are trying to set me up on dates and what's bothering me is I'm really considering taking them up on it.

If anyone has some input or advice, please help me sort this out.
Should I end this long distance relationship?
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