Have you ever had an ex take your money?

So I’m 7 months pregnant. And for the past 5 months my ex told me he wanted the baby. And would help me raise it.

He had been giving me half his check to save up and buy stuff for the baby. (I send him receipts for proof).

Anyway, he had promised not to ghost me or anything. Promised he’d be there for the baby, etc. well yesterday, I called him several times b/c my car started messing up and he has the number for the mechanic we go to. And he ended up blocking my number. It’s still blocked right now.

He gets paid tomorrow through direct deposit. If I took all of his paycheck (not for me to spend it). Do you think he’ll unblock me to get the money back? I don’t intend to keep it, I just want him to tell me if he’s gonna be in or out. B/c if this is his way of being a coward, then I want to know. And I’ll give him all of it back and just set up child support. But I don’t want to live with uncertainty. If he’s gonna leave, I want to know. I don’t want to wonder if he’s gonna come back. Do you think he’ll unblock me if I do this?
Have you ever had an ex take your money?
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