When will it stop?

I feel so fed up all the time, some days are easier to hide than others. I am able to put on a happy face and carry on but most of time I just don't see point.

I came out of a toxic relationship and every morning I wake up knowing he took everything from me, the house the cats my sanity I'm sick of the nightmares I'm sick of waking up and not feeling heard. I'm sick of not having my best friend him to turn to when life is getting way too heavy and it dawns on me I'm alone and it makes me feel less likely that I might survive the day. I'm so sick of living my life this way i have nothing to show for it and sick of feeling like I am just some waste of life.
I just want to end it, I want to stop feeling so useless and discarded. I want all these feelings to stop I want to stop feeling like I'm all alone I'm constantly scared of the world and my thoughts. I'm sick of the constant bursts of anger and depression I'm sick of just feeling everything at once
When will it stop?
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