Why’s he Avoiding me like the plaque?

So we never dated but it was practically like we were dating he always acted like my boyfriend and held my hand and stuff. He was super protective over me and always wanted to be around me. Recently him and I had drifted away from each other, but we always seem to come back. We recently had a conversation that ended on bad terms- he said he didn’t want to lead me on which he expressed he had for months, he said he liked me than he didn’t. I got a little mad and said somethings and maybe I was too harsh but it needed to be said, he was shaking and his eyes were so watery as I talked to him. Since then he tried talking to me at a party and asked me how I was I said hi and continued waking, but now we don’t even say hi to each other, he avoids me like the plaque. We don’t look in each other’s directions and when we sit down at a table with our mutual friends to eat we don’t talk or even acknowledge the other person. I ended the relationship because I felt it was toxic. The other day we had a dance and we still avoided each other, I don’t know if he looked at me at all but he knew I was there. He still remains friends with my friends which is fine. But I don’t understand why he’s avoiding me like the plaque it isn’t hard to say hi is it? Does this mean he’s hurting too even tho he’s the one who wanted the relationship to end as well? I mean I was the one who ended it because I’m the open one in the relationship, he avoids eye contact as well and won’t look in my direction and acts like I don’t exist. His actions contradict what he says and he when we had our talk we said we would remain friends. I just wanna know if he’s hurting and why he just suddenly started to avoid me like the plague? Does he miss me, is he hurting, or is it just his guilt? Thanks! :)
Why’s he Avoiding me like the plaque?
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