Ex/break up/depression?

Hello everyone,
Hoestly 2 months ago my boyfriend broke up with in a very impolite way like he just wanted to finish it and then he blocked me.
In this 2 months I tried my best to forget about him by going to consultant, it was working, until tonight that was my birthday.
He sent a birthday message in a friendly way with happiness wishes, with no apologies like nothing happened, and he was not wrong, and he just wanted to show me that you are not part of my life. And I just did a favor to you by sending this message, because in the past I was always there for him.

I immediately blocked him and I realized he deleted his message and blocked me again.

It broke my heart even more than before. If someone finishes a relationship why would he send a birthday message?

He promised me a life and abused me, then he finished the relationship like I was nothing, and I noticed that he deleted some of his posts that apparently there was my comments. Like he started a new relationship.

It's been 5 months that I lived my country and I am far but still cannot move on, even counseling does not work.

I don't know what to do. I became sick because of stress skin illnesses and heartache, only because of that shit that used me for months. I can't cope with all those things.

I am really help less I can't get close to people, I feel a very far distance between me and other people.

I am broken and I can'tget back to myself.

I am still caring about what he does, but I just found out I have been nothing all these time.

I am far from my family and I am so weak, do not what to do, and cannot afford to pay for the flight to go back home.

I'm seriously in a bad situation.
9 d
Left my country*
9 d
I really have no idea what to do?

He made me do the things I didn't want, and because of him I did them all.
Ex/break up/depression?
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