How do you handle an ex that won't let go?

My ex and I dated a while back. To be frank, he was a total ass. Incredibly insecure, incredibly self-centered, and just blamed me for everything that went wrong in his life. I don't want to go into details, but - yeah - he wasn't a nice guy or treated me right. When we broke up, he still wanted to be "friends". Ha. No. He lost all rights to "friendship" from me when he lied, and I was just disgusted by him as a person. At the time he kept saying stuff like, "of course, I treated you like shit - what else do you expect? You're supposed to be the one to just forgive me and stop making me feel bad about it!" It's been years, but this guy keeps finding me on social media and through friends of friends and keeps making weird, "I hope you're happy" and "yeah, it's a shame we couldn't work out but let's hang out together" comments. Yeah... I don't want him anywhere NEAR me. He keeps posting comments that I'm ignoring him because I must still "want" him. How do I get this creep away from me?
How do you handle an ex that won't let go?
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