Fiancee cheated with co worker?

I was with my fiancee for 17 year's we have 2 children together. He started a new job in 2015 and a year into the job they required him to travel a lot. Life was good but I started to stress a lot because I worked full time and still had to come home and take care of kids and home while he started to slack off not doing or caring much. He seemed distant and I never expected he was cheating until one day I started to notice he wasn't texting as much on lunch breaks or calling. I texted him I was crying I just had the feeling something was off. I asked him what he was doing something is going on of course he said nothing but I wouldn't let it go. He came home that night and said we need a break and we grew apart. I begged and cried to him to tell me what it really was and he wouldn't budge. He said that he loves me but not in love with me. So he told me I didn't have to move out but he was going to keep doing him basically if he didn't come home at night I couldn't say anything. So I took me and our kids and moved into my parents we were there for 3 month's. During that 3 months I finally found out he was messing with a girl at work. But then he asked me to move back in and to work on thing's. I was confused and still loved him with all of me so I moved back in. He says he didn't do anything with this girl (she was married also) I contacted he husband and told him and he blamed me for being a homewrecker!! I found out he told the girl he was coming back for his kid's. He says he loves me and just made a mistake and is here for us. I just dont know if I believe that. I would like option's?
Fiancee cheated with co worker?
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