Why is my ex even still discussing me with these side women?

Why is my ex still causing drama? I stopped seeing my ex because when we would have a dumb cycle of argument sand see other people. I got tired of that and dumped him for good. Now fast forward later , I haven’t seen him in months and he had been asking me to come back to him for the past week. All of the sudden it turned into negative feelings which really scares me away. What would you do in my situation? Block him or wha to do? I just don’t want to be involved in this drama. He is a 37 year old man and he had used some women and they think he wants me back which is true. But since I won’t take him back him and these desperate girls continue to talk bad about me each month. Lol Like what? Shouldn’t they be worried about dating each other? He said I didn’t want him anyway and then proceeded to say I told the women he use to hang out with a lot of lies (which indicates he obviously still hangs out with them ). All this drama that basically happened 3 months ago is somehow being carried over after me cutting him out of my life completely. What do I need to do to end this drama and why am I even relevant to him and these women that I don’t even talk to? I dumped him months ago.
I feel like this drama can jeopardize my career?
Why is my ex even still discussing me with these side women?
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