My husband left me. And I’m pregnant?

My loving husband of 6 years very abruptly left me on Monday. I did NOT see this coming. He basically told me he doesn't love me anymore, wants to feel young again (we are 25). I did something I should not have- I looked at his phone and he was talking to a girl. He was deleting msgs with her and confessed to flirting and she liked him.

we live with my parents. Not idea I know. My mom simply told us to cool down and my sister just told him to leave for now.

he told me he felt ganged up on. Which is not the case.. they simply were protecting their pregnant family member who is hysterically crying...

he fled back to his home state. Took a plane and left.

i am in disbelief. So much shock. He has changed his facebook to single and to “moved back” to his home state..

he kept saying I am done, I dont love you anymore...

I’m not sure what to do. Wait for him to cool off and he WILL come and talk to me and regret this? I asked him if this is about the baby. He said no but I doubt it.

I am being strong for myself and the baby and trying to hold it together..
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I really think we could have just talked it out and worked it out. Like adults.

But he ran away from the problem.

He never shares his feelings and thats why I am always having to ask “you okay with this? Talk to me please”

If there was things he was not happy with, he should have communicated with me.
My husband left me. And I’m pregnant?
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