What is her motivation behind this?

Two years ago, my girlfriend broke us up because she was a Mormon and I wasn't. We were 18 at the time, and she she didn't explain everything well.
Over a year went by, and I wasn't over what happened, it felt like an excuse. Because things were strange when we first started dating. I reached out to her, and she stuck with the story, also adding I hurt her because I shut her out and never called her. Things ended there and I said more than I should.
This was 7 months ago. This morning I woke up to her following me on an Instagram account I made after we broke up. She messaged me saying she got a message from the holy ghost saying she needed to talk to me.
She didn't understand why, but that was the reason she gave me. She also admitted to constantly check my social media to see how I'm doing, and she would ask my sister how I was doing as well.
After a 5 hour phone call, she said she wanted to give a real try together and try this out. She said she would have a hard time still because of the religious aspect.
What I don't understand, is she keeps changing her mind when this is important.

What's her motive here?
What is her motivation behind this?
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