My ex recently had a suicide attempt?

My most recent ex-bf (who I was with for 2 years) had just attempted suicide.
The reasoning for the break up (June 2019) was because he had mistreated me. For context: he very regularly cheated on me, talked poorly about me at times to our mutual friends, and at certain points sexually violated me.
I think that our history is toxic, and it overall wasn’t good for my mental health. I think that a lot of the things he did while I was his girlfriend were horrible things that shouldn’t happen in any relationship, but I will admit that, as much as he hurt me, there were good times as well. I was also aware that he had a lot of mental health problems, that I attempted to help him fix but untimely couldn’t, because he needs to help himself.
After we broke up I tried to become friends with him but ultimately decided to actively avoid him entirely around July-Aug 2019 due to his continued toxicity. I have since found another guy and rarely talk to my ex.
Today our mutual friends told me that he recently attempted suicide and was registered in a psychiatric ward. I don’t know if the right decision is to try to ignore it, or reach out to him. I definitely don’t think that his mental health is my responsibility, nor do I think it’s my job to fix this ordeal. Part of me wants to stay out of it and focus on myself, another part wants to reach out and help.
What should I do?
My ex recently had a suicide attempt?
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