Dating profiles but still love each other?

My ex of 4 years split with me 7 weeks ago. We did no contact, after two weeks he reached out as he had two personal losses. We started texting as friends, said we could be friends. This turned into sexting with talk to meet up. It didn’t happen as he got jealous over seeing a guy comment on my social media photo. He told me to leave him alone and blocked me on WhatsApp and social media. He’s now unblocked me.
we both set up dating profiles. I don’t want to meet anyone but I knew he’d do the same (go on dating site). He’s not added a photo since joining. Opinions on whether he maybe doesn’t feel ready either and if you think we could reach back out to each other or not? I don’t want to chase him but I can feel there’s still feelings.
Dating profiles but still love each other?
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