Should I get an abortion?

So I found out I’m pregnant by my narcissist boyfriend and I’m not telling him because he will probably beat the baby out of me (literally) ... his family is not going to be supportive either but my family is telling me keep the baby because God will be mad at me and it’s my body and not to worry about my boyfriend not wanting it but I really want the baby then again I don’t cause of the stress that’ll come with it but I feel guilt from trying to keep the baby because I know my boyfriend won’t want it and I’m only 22 and I feel guilt for trying to get rid of it because I was raised against abortions and I do want a baby from my boyfriend because we been together for 8 years and I wanna be inlove with something we created but then again I’m scared and not financially stable nor emotionally so I don’t know what to do
Should I get an abortion?
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