Leave my boyfriend?

My boyfriend and I of two years have been having countless problems that he puts in no effort to fix. He's lied to me numerous times, gone behind my back and seen his ex, and ignores me when i try to fix the issues. I decided to finally break it off after weeks of being the one putting in the effort. Now he's BEGGING for me back and has been the last three days. I'm going to catch up with a guy friend I haven't been in contact with for a couple years and he's torn up about it. I used to have feelings for him but we never dated or did anything like that - never even held hands lol. He's telling me how unfair it is, even though he's gone to see his ex. I told him I want time. Why does he suddenly want to fix everything but never did before? Am I wrong for going to see this guy? What do I do?
8 mo
He says it isn't fair to keep him on the back burner while I go see another guy. But he always did that to me and lied about it. He even was trying to get ahold of his ex the other night when he was drunk, before I even made plans to see this guy!
Leave my boyfriend?
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