Could you forgive that?

You dumped your ex because of them mistreating you and never changing about it. They sent a text which you refused to open as you were fed up with excuses.

Next day they MET with another person but never told you about it until you found it out. They denied it all until you threatened them to never speak again.

Their excuse to it was being hurt because you dumped them so they tried to see if they could move on. Whole time they hoped you will text them? They say they only talked for a hour but who knows?

They say they could never cheat on you and that this wasn’t cheating if you were broken up. This time we are separated too and they are still threatening to kill everyone who tries to touch you.

I could never forgive that, could you?
Could you forgive that?
Yes I would give it another try
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Never, they better stay away from me
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Could you forgive that?
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