Will he stop now?

My ex is really persistent manipulative and narcissistic. We broke up and he said if anyone touches me he will kill him and that he will never give up.

I met with a new guy today. I posted a story on snap of a beautiful sunset and my ex somehow appeared there. He was looking at us from far then I felt cold and wanted to go so we went to his car and ex parked behind us. He came and opened my door. I got scared as I remembered he was threatening before. I said we are done! He gave me hand and said good luck I said u too. Then he left. He was dead serious seemed mad/jealous.

Do you think he will stop trying now or it’s just a shock for now but later he will return after he calms down.
Will he stop now?
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8 mo
To be honest guys, I still care about my ex. I hope this makes him realise how it hurt me when he met up with a girl when we were on a break. I hope he fears of losing me and finally takes his act seriously and rights his wrong. If he is fair he can’t really blame me for doing something he’s done to me first. I hope he realises how it feels and that it’s wrong. If its true love, he won’t give up so easily and let us go. However it does confuse me how he just said “good luck”.
Will he stop now?
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