Should I apologize to my ex for stalking him?

I’m 7 months pregnant. My ex broke up with me back in December. But we still acted like we were together up until 3 weeks ago. When we got in a huge fight, and he wanted nothing to do with me anymore.

I thought I was like our other fights, where he ends up changing his mind and wants me back. But it isn’t this time.

So when he told me he was completely done. I still bothered him. I went over to his house unannounced like once or twice. I went over yesterday, this time he did tell me to go over. I needed him to sign a visitation agreement for our baby. But I overstayed my welcome, and during the argument I broke his glasses. He went back in his house. And I spam called/texted while I was outside. Even his older brother told me off.

My therapist called it “pregnancy rage”. My ex called me a stalker, and when I’ve thought about it now that I’m calm, I realize what I did was messed up. And I don’t recognize the person I am. I’ve never been like this in other breakups.

I was thinking of sending a text saying “I’m sorry”. Just that. And then just not bother him anymore until I’m in labor. Is that a good idea? Or should I not even say I’m sorry? I don’t expect a response.
Should I apologize to my ex for stalking him?
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