Did we even break up?

We both love each other but broke up ~ a week ago. He is 24 years old and looking for a serious relationship for marriage, and thinks our relationship is stopping him. Said his parents want him to marry an Indian woman. However I was over at his place Friday night and we had sex. Fast forward to today with us texting and him making plans with me for next week. Are we even broken up? Maybe he regrets his decision? Way too scared to ask
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We are back together!!! He said he convinced his parents about our relationship and he wants to keep me forever ❤️❤️ Lol he has so much to teach and love me that he apologized for his action today on our date ❤️ I got my first love back 😊 Thanks for being so worried about me and showing your concern. This site is very helpful so I am happy to stick around, so if anyone has any question please tell me. I may not be very informed but I will share concern for those concerned about me
Did we even break up?
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