He’s done with me because of an insecurity that I got from him?

Several months ago, my boyfriend decided outta “nowhere” that he wanted to be “done” w/ me so he could try and work things out with his ex except, he only shared w/ me the part about being done with me. I thought we were still friends at least, bc we still talked a little everyday so I decided to stop by his house one evening to see how he was doing and he had his ex there with him. I NEVER SEEN THAT COMING BC HE NEVER LET ON OR SHOWED ANY SIGNS OF WANTING HER BACK! I felt so betrayed bc he and I had always been pretty much open about anything and everything, like the first time he told me he had to go out and spend one day with her early in our relationship just to make sure that he was making the right decision by being “done” with her so he could move forward with me, I said okay to that and let him go for him to return to me as I was the choice he made to “stay with”. So needless to say, I felt betrayed, both times really. Well, the other morning, around 5am, he and I were in his vehicle, driving down the road. It was very early in the morning, I thought to myself as his phone went off with a text message, WAY TOO EARLY rather for some random text messages to be coming through from “some guys at work” like he said the messages were from... so I questioned him about who the messages were REALLY FROM and let me tell you... HE LOST IT ON ME! Told me he was done with me and hasn’t spoken to me in over 2 days!!! Why would he think that I would not have that insecurity inside of me that he had given me not once but twice in the past? How am I wrong here?
He’s done with me because of an insecurity that I got from him?
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