Guys, does my ex boyfriend love me and want me back?

My ex boyfriend and I dated for 9 months.
He broke up with me 1.5 months ago because he was stressed out with his new job.
He said during the breakup that he wanted to keep in touch with me and I said ok.
I wanted to get back together with him so I went into no contact right after the breakup.

10 days after the breakup, he started texting me.
I understood it would take a while to re-attract him so I tried to be nice and not rush things.

We’ve exchanged a good number of texts over the past weeks.
One day, he suddenly sent me a love song about someone who misses an ex and wants an ex back.
I was quite surprised by that song because of the lyrics..
I interpreted it as a sign that he still loves me and wants to get back together with me.

I wanted to know more about his thoughts so I proposed a call.
But then he didn’t reply to my text.

Two days passed and he started a new conversation without responding to my previous text.
I wonder why and what he is thinking...
He is introverted and not a player so I believe sending that song to me means something..
Guys, does my ex boyfriend love me and want me back?
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