Should I fight for our relationship if I love him? does he still love me?

So Max (fake name) & I had liked each other for 3 years. We dated for 5 months junior year. Never had problems other than me pushing him away at times. He thought it was me hating clinginess but really it was bc i was depressed. My ex was so crazy & Max knew this. He didn’t know it got to the point i felt unsafe. I felt bad to tell him. Max always was understanding but i couldn’t open up. what if he thought i still had feelings? I DIDNT! Max would cry when i pushed him away. He was known for nudes but NEVER did he ask me. He said he’s never loved anything more than me before. But I couldn’t be w him in this headspace. I broke up w him but I don’t regret it cause my ex did have it out for me. the school administration had to be involved. Imagine putting him through that. Months later I went to Max who had girlfriend at the time and apologized. I told him I still cared about our friendship. Not to win him back as a boyfriend but cause i’d felt to guilty. During our convo tho i said i’d cried trying to prep myself to talk to him and he looked up & said” really?“ in a concerned almost up hopeful way. A week later he broke up. w his girlfriend. Weeks later I texted him wanting to talk. he said he didn’t was to pulled back in & didn’t want to be friends. said he’s over it. that was fair but at this point i knew i still loved him. but he convinced me he was done. when school started that changed. he brought up my ex at hangout & said he wanted to fight him. He stayed till 1am at a party while I was upset about something ( his friends had already left) other than one who was helping me. Once i was doing hw w friends who our friends who r dating. i posted them on my story. He shows up 5 min later. cafe closes at 11 and it was 10:45 on school night. Then his friend kissed me on nye. Another friend of his asked how he felt and said” I don't know.. whatever he wants i guess.” since nye he’s tried to talk to me during group convos. the first time he responded i looked at him in shock & he gave me a smile
Should I fight for our relationship if I love him? does he still love me?
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