Should I stop the no contact rule?

it has been 22 days (3 weeks and 1 day). he didn't text me for the first 2 weeks then around 6 days ago he started texting me and has tried calling me a few times and has told me he missed me but i have learned that him telling me he misses me might not mean he wants a relationship, also he told me he needed me to download messenger again to tell me something important, I don't know if he meant that or if he was just trying to get me to text him. i kind of feel bad and i feel like he's going to eventually stop trying and when this is over he's going to be uninterested or will find someone else and this would've just been for nothing. the most i would do is 30 days but I don't know if i want to wait that long. do you think i should keep going or stop now? and if i decided to stop now i would stop it the next time he texts me because i am NOT texting him first rn. no, just no.
Should I stop the no contact rule?
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