Will my ex come back if I move on?

So, its been a year since my ex has left. After she left like 3 weeks, she was seeing someone. Also, in the middle, she came back and we meet made eye contact and all that. We called, texted (flirty, teasey) and like i said met (talked about our relationship once). this was all behind the new guys back. Also, she tried to spy on me a few months back. So, if you read some of my old posts you will see the whole story. So, lately, i haven't really been giving a shit about her. I feel and i am over her. I miss her here and there mostly because it been a year. I have accepted that its over and that she's with someone. I have taken a big step in trying to leave her behind and just forget about her and it has worked. So, i heard that once your over your ex, they start to come back? Also that they have some 6th sense and feel im going away. Is this true? Will my ex want to or will come back. I would love to have her back, but i dont need her. Will my ex try to come back now? Like I don't know why she tried to talk to me in the middle but was that some plan? (you need to read my old posts). Will she magically start to come back that fact im getting over her? Also, I'm not faking the move on, just to get her back, i miss her but i have moved on a lot.
Will my ex come back if I move on?
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