Am I losing my mind, or am I just changing?

With myself being 22 years old, I know I'm going to go through a lot of changes with growing up to do. To get to know a bit of my background, I have had the worst luck with men. I understand that every guy out there is different and unique, but I feel like I'm hitting a brick wall. My mom/family told me that I just need to change something, which... I totally respect that.
Personally over time, I just feel myself getting cold. Tired. Pissed off easily. I've been used due to heartbreak, sex, etc. Whenever I get hit on, I automatically get disgusted and nasty. Not within my words, but I will show it in my face.. Lol. Which, I think that is normal.

I'm not sure if this is normal. I ended up blocking this guy who I once called my friend. Over time, I stopped calling him my friend. Whenever we would hang out, he would try to cuddle. I always kept my distance, and I've said No.. This has happened twice. Our last hangout, he tried to. I just said No. During our last hangout, he just openly admitted his sexual desires. I find it normal to be open, but he sounded like he was trying to have sex with me.. I assume this due to him wanting to cuddle right after the conversation. He always blew up my phone to hangout. I just got really annoyed in general...
I have another guy friend, which.. I'm starting to kick him out. He would openly comment on my photos. Telling me that I'm thick, and that I'm hot. I GOT ANNOYED. I show no skin. I don't show what I got. When he'd comment, I just ignore it. Continue throughout my day to where he'd try to respond again. Then I'd ignore, once again..

Am I just lashing out? I know by the end of this year. I am getting a new start. Moving to a location that is 45 minutes away from me. About to be in school soon. I just want away from everything. I know I'm coming off toxic, but I've hit that breaking point where I just don't care about anybody, besides myself..
Am I losing my mind, or am I just changing?
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