I am dating a new guy but can’t stop thinking if I should go back to my ex?

Me and my ex boyfriend were dating for about 5 years (starting when i was 17) . Just like any relationship, there were some “bad” signs. Communication just was NOT there, there were flirtatious messages being sent to girls behind my back (which made me very insecure), no physical cheating of any sort, just things that weren’t right. But, we also had AMAZING times. He is my best friend. We lived together (I’m 23 now). Last year, i broke it off. He ended up moving to a different state. But, we still kept in contact. I still deep down will always love him but when he moved, I met someone else. He’s 4 years older than me. AMAZING guy. Literally makes me feel so special, shows me how much I mean to him, all of the things a girl would want. But, recently, my ex reached out to me. He told me that he really wants to work things out. He told me he wouldn’t ever mess anything up with me again (and i know he truly means that. I KNOW he loves me and truly wants to make it work) because he’s told me so many times when i started seeing the other guy. But now that my ex has started to reach out and want to make things work, my judgement seems very clouded. I want to be set on ONE GUY. It’s not fair for me, or them. I truly don’t know what to do. I’m scared of the future. I’m scared of taking a path that I might one day regret. I’ve been thinking- “do I just go back to my ex?” I’m not asking for someone to tell me what to do, of course, but I really need advice, please.
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Any advice is appreciated. I love seeing other people’s views
I am dating a new guy but can’t stop thinking if I should go back to my ex?
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