Should I feel guilty about this?

I work with this very nice and pretty girl and we get along really well. But she recently had a baby with some guy and although they are 'engaged' he cheats on her all the time and they don't get along all that well.
He gets mad if she does anything under her own free will. He will be late picking her up because he is cheating on her, and hates it if someone else drives her home.
Over the holidays, I gave her some food and helped her out because he was fired because of possession of drugs. She was very grateful for what I did to help her and her baby out.

Recently, she's tried to get him to get his act together, and she ended their engagement until he gets his mind and priorities right. Even moving back into her mom's house.
One of my friends at work sat down with that girl and she told me they talked about her relationship and how maybe she needs to look at someone like me who's been taking care of her.

Later that night, the girl came and asked if I could give her a ride home. She explained she didn't care if her boyfriend knew, and we left. She told me in the car about her side of the conversation, and she does like me and appreciates everything I've done. She said her priority was to fix that relationship because he is the father. I knew, and understood.

But we still wound up making out and having sex in the parking lot, and it was really nice and she seemed really into it. I felt at first I forced myself on her, but she's asked me to take her home all week, and we've had sex each time.

Should I feel guilty? We kinda agree it's a hookup thing for right now
Should I feel guilty about this?
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