Please help me with this?


Found highly emotional messages between H and OW in Dec 2017 whilst I was pregnant with our first baby. He used words he’s never used with me. He ‘deleted her’ infront of me and I put it down to him being nervous about becoming a Dad. These messages included her saying if you have another baby in the further she would leave. (I was already pregnant when he met her).

Things hadn’t been great since, our son was born in Feb 2018. He’s a great dad but we haven’t been good. Last summer (and this is where I’m going to get flamed), I thought maybe having another baby would help (and I’ve always wanted a sibling for our son).
I found one message at Christmas last year saying from him to her saying ‘there are things happening that mean trouble for me’ (right around the time we were trying to conceive) - I’m aware that I really pushed for this second baby.
I pushed the message to the back of my mind.
I am now pregnant.
Over the past couple of weeks he has tried to call her but they have only lasted a couple of seconds so I assume he panicked and hung up.
I synced his WhatsApp to my iPad (friend showed me how to do it) - and he made contact with her the other day (first time in months, confirmed) with him sending a photo of when they used to work in a team with the quote ‘happy memories’. She responded and they had normal chat until she asked if he still had feelings for her. He said:
‘All I know is I want you in my life, you’re special to me, I think about you everyday’.
He then went on to say that there are things he needs to say to her but won’t come out right on message so he will send a voice message when he can so ‘she knows he is being genuine’.
He never blocked her.
He never deleted her number.
He’s clearly terrified of losing her because he knows if he tells her I’m pregnant there’s a high chance she will leave so rather than just text her and say, he’s going to the trouble of letting her hear him explain it.
It’s clearly not over between them
Please help me with this?
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