How do I get over a breakup? With dealing with the complications of her family?

Its very complicated, Everything started out great. Sex, dates, romance, You name it. We were like 2 peas in a pod.

then she got this new job, and it changed her like total 360 flip. She stopped calling me, texting me, makeing any effort. And we finally just broke up.

One day she says she wants to be with me, the next she says she wants to move out of town.
i dont know what gives. She has bad anxiety that i do know.

but the way she did things came off to me as selfish, one sided, and mean.

She works like 14 hours a day. Every day. And has no time for anything or anyone.

she stopped talking to her family, her sister, friends. Everyone...

her mom keeps inviting me over to hang out with them. I at their house, without her around.

(i think she wants to try to fix stuff between us). But im so hurt. In dont know if thats a good idea.
After what she did that showed me her true colors. And i dont know if i can trust her again. She has to prove her self to me. I dont have anything to prove to her.

this whole situation was 100% her fualt.
her family even agrees.

i want to start to date again, at some point but i dont know how to get past this,

im exhaused. Phisicaly and mentally from all this.

i need advice

I just want one girl to love. That loves me back. But all i ever get is walked on.

I've had one serious relationship before
(3 years)

the others dont make it past 3 -6 months usualy.

i don’t understand whats wrong with girls theawe days...
How do I get over a breakup? With dealing with the complications of her family?
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