Should I block my ex on Instagram?

We’re both in our 20s. We broke up back in November/December. But we didn’t stop talking until the end of January. We have a daughter together, I had her in March. He’s never met her.

When I went into labor, he told me he didn’t want her and blocked me on everything. Prior to this, he acted like he was going to be involved. Then back in May, he acted like he wanted to meet her again but wanted to in a public area (everything is closed due to pandemic) but then after about 3 weeks of deciding where, I got a dr appt for our daughter for her vaccines. At this point, he had gone back to ghosting me, I still told him about the appt but he didn’t go.

He has me blocked on everything even my phone number except for Instagram. I messaged him on there asking if he was ever going to step up and be a father and he saw the message and never replied. He didn’t block me though like he did everywhere else (number, Facebook, Snapchat, etc)

Should I just accept he’s not changing his mind and block him? Or not do anything since he might change his mind? (I’m not hoping for him to change his mind anymore. I accepted it. But I’m not trying to keep him away from our daughter. I’m not petty).
Should I block my ex on Instagram?
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