Can I get my ex back when he said we're over and he doesn't love me anymore?

My ex and I started a long distance relationship 10 months ago and we only meet each other every 1 or 2 months. we never know each other before that, hence we skipped the friendship part and get into relationship very quickly as we fall in love with each other at first sight.

My ex and I broke up 1 month ago after we had a big fight over the same issue i.e. I said something that irritates him because of my jealousy or I want more attentions from him and he does not have time for me. we have been quarreling over the same issue again and again. we broke up 2 times but we got back together and decided to give it a try. until 1 month ago, my ex said he wants to break up because we're totally incompatible as we have been arguing over the same issue for the past 10 months. both of us don't understand each others' needs.

I really think it's premature to make such a decision as now I am back for good and we no longer long distance. I really hope that he could give us a chance to try to overcome our incompatibility with better communication and understanding. Long distance and time are our barriers, but now long distance is no longer a barrier.

He said our feelings have faded and he no longer loves me. The main reason of our break up is incompatibility. he wants to be single for the time being as he has been very busy with his work.

Last week, we met up for the first time after our break up. I gave him a photo book which comprised of our happy memories. he was touched and cried very badly after seeing it. he said if only I could wait a bit longer and if only I could be more understanding... he said he loved me so much and each time we quarreled, he was very hurt and pain.. he said he cannot take it anymore, he doesn't want to get hurt anymore... I failed to convince him to get back into relationship with me.

Although he doesn't love me anymore, he said he still like to maintain a friendship with me. He continues to text me everyday to say good night and good morning, and will reply me when I texted him.

Last night, we met up for the second time. I tried to hold his hand in the beginning but he rejected me and said we're just friend. during the dinner, we talked again and I failed to convince him back again. after the dinner, I asked him whether I can hold his hand. he held my hand tight and walked me to the car like a couple. he continued to hold my hand tight in the car until we reached my house. he then gave me a hug in front of my house. Subsequently he continues to text me good night and good morning like usual.

My question is can I still win him back after he said we're over and he does not love me anymore?

For your information, he's a stubborn typed of person and his self-defense mechanism is very strong. he'll back off the moment he senses something wrong. he said he has completely shut his door for me and asked me to move on to find another better guy who can give me what I want.

Can I get my ex back when he said we're over and he doesn't love me anymore?
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