Why is he on dating sites?

My ex and I have been broke up now 6 days now. My friend texted me a few days ago telling me she saw him on the same dating sites she is on right after the day we broke up. She has been messaging him on it with him not knowing she is one of my close friends I have out of town. He wants to meet by only talking for one day. My ex is answering her queuing she asks him and they are the total opposite of everything he has ever told me when I had asked him those same questions when were together. Did I live a lie with him for a year? Why would a man jump to a dating site the day after breaking up when he had told me he wanted marriage , family with me and we had all the same views and beliefs and goals in life and now what my friend is telling me he telling her different thing’s he wants
Why is he on dating sites?
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