What should I do in this situation?

there's a guy that I was "seeing" few years back in college
I think just for 6 months
But we were never exclusive/in a real relationship though

We still have each other on facebook
But I found someone else and got into a long-term relationship 2 years ago

He told me he still has feelings for me and want to try dating me again
And then he asked me "are you currently dating someone?"
And I replied "yes I am"
So he stopped talking to me

Now Im currently single
He still watches my facebook stories SOMETIMES..

And I actually miss him and want to talk to him
Im not sure if he's in a relationship now since he doesn't post anything on facebook 😒

Should I message him?
Or should I wait for him to message me? So I know he might still want me
Or just move on?
Wait for him to message you
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Message him, go for it!
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What should I do in this situation?
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