I have pity on him?

Me n my boyfriend are together in a long distance relationship for a year now. There’s a big distance n I have school so we don’t get the chance of meeting much. We’ve had our struggles and almost broken up a couple of times for different reasons. The thing that’s bringing us close a lot is that we’re both troubled people with different mental traumas n anxiety n self destructive history , but we have huge empathy n care for each other. But he has so much sadness n anxiety n he reminds me of that mostly when we have troubles or right when I want to break up he says how bad his life is rn with work , family , his head isn’t alright n now even me which is the best thing in his life. He’s givin me huge responsibility cause he says that I’m the best thing that ever happened to him n also the only good thing that happened to him. So even when he sometimes treats me badly or I just wanna break up for selfish reasons I never can cause I always feel sorry for him...
I have pity on him?
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