Boyfriend dumped me out of the blue for reasons I cannot understand. I feel alone and hurt?

We were both international students in the US and got acquainted through common friends. Things are very hard for international students... way more than they let on and so we relied on each other , supported each other an eventually started dating. He was kind, thoughtful and sincere.
He did say at some point he wanted to go back to his home country permanently so he could take care of his old parents. Mind you , he is 27 while I'm 23 and he comes from a conservative background and country He is very attached to his parents and would never do anything to disappoint them. We agreed that dating past grad school graduation would be hard as I'm not willing to give up MY home country and life in US to go live in HIS home country. He had sprung this conversation on me but I didn't mind because I understand he is older and his parents pressure him to get married.
Recently when he turned 27 , he had a bit of a quarter life crisis - suddenly he said he couldn't keep wasting my time knowing that we couldn't be together... I reminded him that we could break up in another year's time upon graduation coz that's when it would count but he said it was hard for him still as he couldn't just ignore the inevitability. He was confused all of last week as to what he should do but he came over today and I asked him what he wanted... he kept not giving me an answer.. I tried to make him feel better and put his anxieties to rest.. we cuddled, made out and almost had sex which he agreed to but then I asked again what he was thinking.. ofc he still said he needed time to decide.. I pushed more and more and he finally said we should break up.
So he would have slept with me even if he wanted to break up in a few days time? He still maintains that he wants to be friends and that he will always be there for me when times get tough, and studies get hard and we get home sick. I dont know what to do... I want to move on and I also want to understand what's going on in his mind.
11 mo
This may be for the best but I feel like shit right now coz I feel all alone with the stresses of being in a foreign country and studies. Any tips on how to overcome this.
11 mo
He really wants to be friends. But I'm not sure
Boyfriend dumped me out of the blue for reasons I cannot understand. I feel alone and hurt?
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