He got us a place then we broke up?

My ex literally got us an apartment and we went shopping together at Ikea and he had me pick out whatever I wanted for our place then we broke up. I don’t see how we were so happy at least that’s what I thought.. we toured the place together and I don’t see how sick he could be to lead me on like that.. do you think he wasn’t ready for commitment? But then again him getting us a place was HIS idea not mine he wanted this for us to have a “happy life” because he was like “I wish I could see you everyday” “I can’t wait to wake up next to you” etc.. he would text me how happy he was and send me furniture pieces for “our” place he liked.. anyways a few days before the apartment was ready to be moved into I told him I needed to talk about when I was gonna move in and he ghosted me that whole DAY. I confronted him on it and then I told him I had enough and was tired of it then we parted our ways... why would he do that..
He got us a place then we broke up?
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