I blocked him on everything and it hurts?

i talked to this guy for 2 months and then he ghosted me and i was really really hurt. the next two months he sporadically texted and called me. i would be happy for a bit but then be hurt again. we ended up hooking up a few weeks ago and i was hurt all over again. i finally was just done with it
i asked myself what i was holding onto and i couldn’t even answer that question
so i blocked his number, blocked him on instagram and removed him from snap.

i was really fucking hard but i’m happy i did it. but i’m still struggling because this means he’s gone. like i’ll never talk to him ever again or see any of his posts unless he texts me on snap. i really just wanna forget it but it’s such a weird feeling that all our memories are gone
I blocked him on everything and it hurts?
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