Devastated over a breakup that was "the right thing" to do?

I was involved with someone for 6 months. Going into it, there were some very difficult circumstances surrounding it on my end but they were willing to put up with it.

A few days ago, they broke it off saying they can't do it anymore. We both cried but agreed this was the right thing to do.

Throughout our time together, they brought up wanting to be taken seriously, wanting me to meet their parents, mentioning the future, etc.

After suffering for a couple of days, I reached out attempting to offer an alternative to breaking up (pathetic, I know). They said it hurts them that I'm reaching out, that we can't be friends because they can't handle it, would it be easier for me if they were an asshole? I kept pushing. And then they proceeded to say they were never serious about me anyway and to leave them alone. Which I did. But still, I can't eat, I barely sleep, and I can't stop crying.

Logically, I understand why the breakup had to happen. The circumstances that made it difficult are still there. I even get why they lashed out when I tried talking them out of it - as my friend put it, I was trying to corner a wounded animal.

Emotionally though... surely, if two people actually care about each other, there must be another way? Except they want nothing to do with me now.
Devastated over a breakup that was "the right thing" to do?
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