Why my ex watched my story?

Me and my ex has broken up for 2 months now
He was the one to broke up. after breakup we still didn't cut out each other for one full month. he was continuously watching my stories on whatsapp as I didn't delete his number. and every time I would post a pic of mine he would get jealous nd would lashed out by thinking that I m dating new one. this thing continued for a month until I was done by useless blames nd hurtful things he lashed out. nd I asked him not to contact me again and I blocked him. after 18 days I unblockrf him nd deleted his number. few days ago he texted me and was asking me how I was. i didn't reply then he called me I didn't pick it. he stopped. then yesterday I went on a party where his best friend was also present. he got a call from my ex and asked me to talk to him I rejected. then today he watched my Instagram story. i dont know what's going on
Why my ex watched my story?
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