Don’t think my guy loves me !! What do I do?

Hey everyone,

I’ve been with my guy for 6 months. He says he loves me and proves it... But somehow I can’t help but doubt his love for me. I think I can blame it on my ex boyfriend (who constantly told me he would jump off a cliff for me)... My current guy just seems more « down to earth » and it bothers me... Not that I want a crazy dude.. But I do like the idea of having my boyfriend be CRAZY in love and tbh I just don’t feel like this is his case. I talked to him about it, and he just said that he’s mature and has suffered in the past, so has come to a more « realistic » way of loving... And that yes, if we were to break up, he wouldn’t jump off a cliff, because he loves his job, friends, and doesn’t want his life to be all about « me ». This HONESTLY hurts me so bad. I’m clearly falling in love with this guy, and I just don’t know if I should beware. I’m also scared because he’s leaving in October for 3 weeks, and I basically told him that I was sad, and he got pissed saying that it’s nothing etc... But the thing is, he doesn’t even seem sad to leave me, and it makes me doubt his feelings for me. Honestly, he has told me 100x that he sees me in his future (briefly talked about kids, and shit) and has told me that he loved me more than I could ever imagine... BUT WTF man; Why does he seem to block his feelings and I don't know... Is he trying to protect himself, is he lacking love, etc? HELPPPPP
Don’t think my guy loves me !! What do I do?
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