Break or break up... any advice?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for 6 months now. I’ve told him before what has happened in the past will stay in the past. He keeps randomly mentioning his “crazy exes,” his other sexual relationships, and what have they told him. It makes me feel ✨uncomfy✨ and disappointed. I don’t mention him my exes at all... He tells me that he loves me and he want to live a life with me but it makes my heart boil when he tells me those things. Like okay, I get it, but it’s about us now. :(
I’m considering either having a break or just plain out breaking up with him... He makes it sound like he’s either not over of what happened in the past or he’s low-key comparing me to them?
Do I love him? Yes, but I’m disappointed in his actions.
Break or break up... any advice?
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