What song or lyrics ring true about your life?

The Song from Cimorelli called Before October's gone and the lyrics are saying How i feel about my last relationship.

"Our phone calls got shorter
And the nights they got longer
You stopped replying

You tell me you miss me
I feel special for a second
But then you turn around and show me
that you didn't meant it

I listen to your voicemail from last September
And I bet that you don't remember leaving it
But it's all I got
My last piece of you

Maybe sometimes things just have to end
Maybe sometimes there's just no explaining it
But you could've let me know
You'd be moving on before Octobers gone

Sitting there on my driveway
Said you could listen to me all night
Now you're the girl who never meant it
And I'm just the boy who "took it all the wrong way"

Now I'm lost here
It's mid-December
And you made it official with him
I was naive, you never wanted me
Tell me why'd you do this to me?

On that October night when I let you go
You didn't even try to make me stay, no
I didn't know that you could be so cold
Like the Minnesota snow

Somehow I always knew we'd end up this way
And I hope you feel happy someday
I just wanted you to open up to me
But now that's on the list of things you never did"

What song or lyrics ring true about your life?
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